The Ghosts Of Victims Past Help A Kidnapped Boy In Trailer for Blumhouse’s ‘The Black Phone’

As a kid growing up in the 80s there was nothing more scary then a windowless van. They were the symbol for kidnappers and every parent told their kids to stay away. We all knew the story of Adam Walsh, and the dangers of taking candy from a stranger. Kids are still warned today, obviously, but back then it seemed more at the forefront of real world dangers…just behind quicksand.

This is the place that the new Blumhouse feature by Scott Derrickson, The Black Phone, is taking you.  Small town America in the 80s. This particular small town has a rash of abductions and the streets are littered with flyers notifying the public of its missing junior citizens. It’s after this intro that we see Finn, our lead kiddo, get abducted by a terrifying looking Ethan Hawke who looks like a mixture of the Babadook and a demon. Just seeing the story behind this would have been enough to hold my interest but Blumhouse is great with a twist, and this one is no slouch. While being held in the basement a black phone on the wall begins to ring, on the other end of the line is every victim of the mysterious and sadistic killer. Their goal? Helping Finn escape and getting revenge on the man that took their lives.

The Black Phone hits theaters on February 4th, 2022


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