Box Office: ‘Free Guy’ Maintains The Lead With ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ Nipping At Its Heels

  1. Free Guy (review)- $18.7M/$58.8M

Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy holds onto #1 with strong word of mouth, and not much competition.

3. Paw Patrol: The Movie – $13M

Despite COVID concerns and a dual release with streaming via Parmount+ the worldwide children’s phenomenon Paw Patrol made enough of a mark on the big screen to secure the #2 spot. Considering that families are the least likely to venture to a theater in the midst of everything going on, $13M is not a bad haul.

3. Jungle Cruise– $6.2M/$92.5M

4. Don’t Breathe 2 (review)- $5M/$19.6M

5. Respect (review)- $3.8M/$15M

6. The Suicide Squad– $3.4M/$49.2M

Even though it’s apparently been doing well on HBOMax, it still stings to see a film as fun and enjoyable as The Suicide Squad struggle at the box office like this. Hey, look on the bright side, it will at least break $50M.

7. The Protégé (review) – $2.9M

Maggie Q’s action thriller got great reviews from the PDC, but it looks like the film missed the focus of theater goer’s pulling in a paltry $2.9M. Still, of the new releases it gets the second top spot, losing out only to Paw Patrol: The Movie

8. The Night House (review) – $2.8M

Rebecca Hall’s haunted house horror missed beating out The Protege by a mere $100kyou have to wonder if films like this wouldn’t be more successful by being sold to a streamer.

9. Reminiscence (review)- $2M

Like The Night House the Hugh Jackman noir thriller didn’t pull in much at the Box Office, but did have the benefit of being able to blame it on a day/date HBOMax release. From all accounts though, this placement is right as it’s the least of the new releases as far as quality goes.

10. Black Widow – $1M/$180.2M