‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Ep. 2 Revealed Some Major Players In Their Live-Action Debut

I’m not recapping The Book of Boba Fett, but I’m damn sure there watching it every Wednesday at 3am. And this second episode got me pretty excited with introductions of characters I was hoping to see in the live-action Star Wars universe.

And the best part is they all happened in the same scene. So while much of this episode was spent in the past, exploring Boba Fett’s time among the Tusken Raiders, in the present he was dealing with threats against his rule in Mos Espa. While the mayor, Mok Shaiz (played by director Robert Rodriguez) is going to be trouble, it was the introduction of Jabba the Hutt’s twin cousins that was the first major reveal.

Sure, we’ve seen the Hutts in comics and read about them in novels, but there’s something about seeing the rest of the clan brought into live-action that feels like a big deal.

Of course, they jabbered with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand about who is really in charge of Jabba’s old territory. It was then that the Hutts introduced someone that is going to be a major player this season and, I hope, in Star Wars for the long haul. Black Krrsantan, a Wookie assassin and bounty hunter kidnapped from the home planet of Kashyyyk and forced into gladiatorial games. His intimidating black and white fur separates him from the Wookie most of us know, Chewbacca.

Black Krrsantan debuted in the pages of Marvel’s Star Wars comics. He’s been an assassin for Jabba the Hutt and also Darth Vader, so this is one Wookie who gets around. If he’s going to be hounding Boba Fett this season we’re due for one awesome fight.

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