‘Supergirl’ Season Finale Recap: “Battles Lost and Won”

It’s been a pretty good run for this season on Supergirl.  Some story arc got convoluted and unnecessary, but overall, the conflict with Reign and the World Killers made this a strong season for the girl of steel.  Last week, Reign returned, this time separate from Samantha, and she is continuing her quest for destroying the earth and remaking it in Krypton’s image as she was created for.  After the members of the Daughters of the Night completed their rituals, Reign took the sword and hurled to the center of the earth to complete her task.

The episode begins with everyone trying to hold things together as the world starts falling apart.  Kara and her mother get involved, where we finally get to see her mother in action, as they try and save as many people as possible.  Mon-El is helping save people as well.  James dons his Guardian armor and is saving people near his CatCo office.  Even Superman is helping people (off-screen of course… he should come back).  Even Imra and Brainiac-5 come back (guess they didn’t go through the time portal back to the 31st Century) come in and help save lives, stopping a massive tidal wave from killing people.  James continues helping people when one woman wants to go into the burning CatCo building for her missing child.  “Guardian” can’t get her to stop, but “James” can.  He removes his mask, and when his employee realizes that the famous vigilante is him, she stops and allows him to rescue her son.  But now the cats out of the bag and James will have to deal with his secret identity not being so secret anymore.

Elsewhere, M’yrnn and J’onn are trying to finish the memory transfer ritual so that J’onn knows everything his father (and countless others before him) did.  However, with the earth destroying there’s not enough time for everything.  M’yrnn does get the chance to share the history of the first Green Martian.  Afterwards, the two embrace and say their final goodbyes as M’yrnn then phases into the earth to stop Reign from reaching the center.  This leads to the earth-shattering to stop.  It looks like the good guys saved the day!

Of course, that was only in the first 5 minutes of the show, so we know more’s in store for our heroes.  Sam is still in a coma, and in the dream world where the human side of the World Killers reside, she sees her deceased mother.  Of course, Reign killed her mother, so she doesn’t even know her mother’s death.  There’s a cloud of suspicion on her mother appearing in this area, and telling her to drink from a specific fountain as one will give her strength, the other will kill her.  Sam decides to trust her mother and she doesn’t die.

Back at the DEO, everyone is reeling from their victory of saving the world.  Mon-El has a heart to heart with his wife Irma, thanking her for coming back to help them save the day.  She reveals to him that she wasn’t a good wife, and he confirms that he wasn’t a good husband.  The two amicably agree to go their separate ways and remain friends.  Brainiac-5 reveals to Winn that even though they saved the 31 Century, other problems in the timeline have emerged.  Brainiac-5’s cousin, Brainiac (the original and a classic dc villain) unleashed a virus to kill all other Artificial Intelligence lifeforms from their timeline.  Brainiac-5 tells Winn that he needs his help and he should go to the 31st Century with the Legion.  Winn comments that Brainiac-5 always considered him of a lesser intellect.  Brainiac-5 reveals a piece of paper he got from the “National Archives” in the 31st Century, which was one of Winn’s ideas.  This means that Winn will be considered one of the greatest scientific minds in the future.  Winn has a heart to heart with James about leaving everyone in this timeline behind to fulfill his destiny and James assures him he’ll make the right decision.

Just then, the alarms go off at the DEO and it’s revealed that Reign is not dead, and they have to go and stop her once and for all.  They all head to the Fortress of Sanctuary to face off against Reign and the other evil Kryptonians.  While defeating the older superwomen was easy for everyone, Reign is still too strong.  Just then, Samantha (out of her coma) comes and stabs reign with her superpowered sword.  Afterwards, she launches Reign into a pit of fire.  However, as she is drying, she shooter her heat vision all over the place, killing Sam, Mon-El, and Kara’s mother.  Realizing that her friends died because she didn’t want to kill Reign, Kara retcons their deaths via time-travel, by using Mon-El’s Legion ring and the Legions time traveling technology to go a few moments back in time to avoid Samantha’s stabbing Reign and instead Samantha forces her evil counterpart to drink from the death side of the well, killing her for good without anyone else getting hurt.

In the aftermath of Reign’s defeat, everyone has their epilogue.  James confirms to a reporter that he is, in fact, Guardian with no qualms in a very Tony Stark fashion.  Kara’s mother goes back to their Kryptonian asteroid city and bids her daughter farewell.  Mon-El realizes that there’s work he has to do in the future and says his final goodbye to Kara.  Winn says goodbye to everyone as he heads to the 31st Century with Mon-El.  Turns out, Brainiac-5 remains behind and will now be the tech guy for the DEO.  Alex realizes that she needs to think about herself and think about a family.  However, J’onn instead tells her that he’s stepping down, and he wants her to run the DEO in his stead.

However, Lena is still up to her Luthor schemes and is working on analyzing the black rock from the asteroid city.  For what purpose?  We’ll have to see next year.