‘The Green Knight’: David Lowery Hopes For Theatrical Release, But Isn’t Sure It’ll Happen

There aren’t a ton of movies to look forward to for the rest of 2020, but one of them is definitely David Lowery’s The Green Knight. The film, which stars Dev Patel in an interpretation of the chivalric poem, is sort of in limbo right now as A24 mulls its options between a theatrical release and digital. And at least according to Lowery, he’s got no idea what the future holds for his movie right now.

Speaking on The A24 Podcast, Lowery said…

“No one knows. That’s the case with everything at the moment. No one knows anything. All I can say is that at some point audiences will see it. And they’ll see it in the best way possible, given the circumstances. Hopefully, that’s in theaters. Hopefully, theaters survive. I’m a big-time defender of the theatrical experience, and one of the things I love about A24 is that they are as well.”

“Given the circumstances” is quite the caveat, but Lowery’s just echoing the confusion just about every filmmaker is feeling right now. If everything had stayed on track, The Green Knight would’ve had its world premiere a couple of months ago at SXSW. But Lowery says not being there was actually a good thing, because it gave him time to properly complete it…

“We were really rushing to try to get done by SXSW, and the movie, if we showed it there, would not have been fully finished. It would have been close, but not quite done. If we had to release the movie tomorrow, it would be pretty close to where it needs to be. But we’re able to take a breather and sit with it.”

The Green Knight was planned to open on May 29th but was pulled by A24. We’ll update you when there’s an update.

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