Toni Collette To Take The Director’s Chair for ‘Writers And Lovers’

Toni Collette, who’s been consistently working in Hollywood for over 30 years and blew up in the public conscience with her performance in Hereditary, is stepping behind the camera for the upcoming book adaptationĀ Writers and Lovers. The novel by Lily King is about an aspiring novelist who, during a particularly difficult time in her life, falls for two men who are polar opposites of each other. King landed on the New York Times bestseller list with the effort and was featured on a ‘Today Show’ book group.

Collette isn’t just directing though, that would be too easy for a mega-talent like her, nope she’s also producing the flick alongside screenwriter Susannah Grant. Collette choseĀ Writers and LoversĀ for her directorial debut because she said the story was “an Empowering story that speaks to me as a woman” and “Inspired her on so many levels”

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