Chris Hemsworth To Star In ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff With Black Female Lead

It took three solo Thor movies, but Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok finally figured out the best way to use the physicality and comic timing of star Chris Hemsworth. Speaking of timing, it sucks because he’s likely finished with Marvel after Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, a sad thought for fans of the blond, blue-eyed thunder god. But Hemsworth is too good to not have another franchise lined up, and Sony has swooped in to nab him for their long-developing Men in Black spinoff which is now speeding into production.

F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) is set to direct Hemsworth in the film, assuming talks go through smoothly.  Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (Iron Man) have long been on board to write the script, which has undergone a number of iterations from an all-female reboot to a crossover with 21 Jump Street. The take Sony is going for will have Hemsworth alongside a black female co-star. Hopefully somebody is on the phone with Tiffany Haddish or Letitia Wright right now.

Men in Black: The Dark World or whatever it will be called opens June 14th 2019.  [TheTrackingBoard]