Benoit Blanc Has A Distinguished New ‘Do in the First Look at Knives Out Sequel “Wake Up Dead Man”

Another day means more news from the production of Wake Up, Dead Man the third film in the Knives Out series. While, up to this point, we’ve been flooded with casting news as Rian Johnson assembled a veritable who’s who for his latest mystery tale today we get something a bit different, a look from the set!

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out series has quietly become one of my favorite franchises currently still being produced. I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve always loved Johnson’s take on the noir genre and these films are a culmination of everything he does right in the genre. Series mainstay Benoit Blanc, who’s destined at this point to become one of the faces on the Mt. Rushmore of fictional detectives, is just a perfectly unique character and the focus of our first shot from the set of the film.

Played by Daniel Craig, Blanc has taken plenty of time to showcase his unique style throughout the first two films….I mean, c’mon, who ELSE could wear an ascot and still be taken seriously in 2024. That’s why this set picture is a bit jarring. As you can see below, Blanc seems to be sporting a dapper, if not fairly standard three-piece suit with a fedora at the ready. Certainly a good look but it doesn’t seem to carry any of that Blanc flair we’ve come to expect. Now, the obvious change is in the hairstyle department, with his usual close cropped locks replaced by a longer style…does this mean anything? Honestly, it’s hard to tell….could it signify a time jump (either forward or back) for this latest film? Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc

Between you and I, I’m just hoping that the black and white nature of the image is hiding some of what we expect. Lots of pastels and tans.