A Wonder Twins Movie Has Been Activated For HBO Max

Wonder Twin powers, activate!

If that rings familiar, chances are you’re pretty old and watched the goofy All-New Super Friends Hour when you were a kid. That was where the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, debuted, and now all of these years later they’re getting a movie. That’s right; the Wonder Twins are getting a movie before actual members of the Justice League. Weird.

THR reports Adam Sztykiel, a writer on Black AdamScoob!, and more, has been hired to pen a Wonder Twins movie. Only this film won’t be headed to theaters, and will be an HBO Max exclusive similar to Batgirl and formerly Blue Beetle, the latter having been moved to the big screen.

The Wonder Twins are known for their sibling superpowers, which require physical contact for them to shapeshift. Zan transforms into water, which in the cartoon would see him carried around in a bucket (seriously), while Jayna can change into animals. Why she could turn into an animal when they have a pet monkey, Gleek, is beyond me. Seems like it defeats the purpose.

The Wonder Twins were ridiculous when they debuted, but have since become official DC canon where they are taken more seriously. Still, this seems like an odd addition to the DCEU, but could lead to some fun crossovers. That’s assuming it is part of the DCEU, of  course.

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