‘Spark’: Anthony Mackie To Direct ‘King Richard’ Breakout Saniyya Sidney In Civil Rights Drama

Anthony Mackie might be the new Captain America, but the man shouldn’t be restricted to the MCU alone. In what is probably long overdue, Mackie is set to step behind the camera and make his directorial debut with Spark, a Civil Rights drama about a true pioneer of the movement. Even better, the film will feature rising star actress Saniyya Sidney.

Spark is based on the true story of Claudette Colvin, who in 1955 at the age of 15, refused to give up her seat to a white person on a crowded, segregated bus. This was 9 months before Rosa Parks’ famous act. A year later she was one of five plaintiffs challenging bus segregation all the way to the Supreme Court. But Colvin has largely been forgotten by history, with many in the Black community saying Parks was a better representative of the movement due to her appearance.

The film will star King Richard breakout Saniyya Sidney, in what could be another hugely visible role. The script is by Niceole R. Levy, who worked with Mackie previously on another Civil Rights film, The Banker.

Colvin, who is 67-years-old now, had this to say about the upcoming film…

“67 years ago, when history glued me to the seat of that bus in Montgomery, I could never have imagined that standing up for my rights could spark a movement that would change the course of history. It is really an honor to have my story retold, by Mr. Mackie, for future generations to learn about our past so they can move forward knowing that progress is possible, and things do get better. I hope my story will inspire youth to continue to fight for civil rights and human dignity.”

Mackie said, “When at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, I came across Ms. Colvins story. Not only was I moved but I was inspired. It’s great to be a superhero in movies, but she’s a real-life one living amongst us and I’m honored to tell her story.”


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