The Trailer For Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Highlights An Amazing Cast

What if Gwyneth Paltrow had a Goop summer camp? Ok, honestly, that may be very far off from the actual plot of this series, which is based on the hit novel by Liane Moriarty, but it’s the feeling I got watching this trailer for Nine Perfect Strangers. The upcoming 8-part series, which debuts on Hulu August 18th, is centered around a group of people at a posh self-help camp. The itinerary appears to include things like “Dig your own grave and lie in it” next to the hot yoga area. Other then the obvious tedium that this plot would induce, the trailer gives a real feel that something else is going on, something sinister.

What I can tell you for sure is that the writing MUST be great, you don’t pull a cast like this without having something amazing on paper. Check this out, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Samara Weaving, Luke Evans, Regina Hall, Grace VanPatten, Bobby Cannavale, and Tiffany Boone. That’s about as eclectic and amazing a cast as anyone could possibly hope for. Kidman, who leads the retreat, seems to exude an otherworldliness, so that may be where my supernatural leanings for the series come from. In any event, this looks to be a show worth watching for the performances if nothing else.


Nine Perfect Strangers Debuts On Hulu August 18th, 2021