The Daywalker And The Death Dealer? Kate Beckinsale Was All For A ‘Blade’/’Underworld’ Crossover

Mahershela Ali’s turn as the Daywalker, aka Blade, is one of the most anticipated new character reveals on Marvel’s slate. The character, who deserves the real credit for jump starting the current comic-book movie world we live in (not to mention the first African-American led superhero film), has long been defined by Wesley Snipes iconic and subdued performance as the unstoppable Vampire hunter thanks to his hugely popular trilogy of films.

On the other side of the vamp fighting lines you have Kate Beckinsale’s Selene who fought the Lycans through, 4, films in her Underworld series. Beckinsale’s black leather clad Vampire hit-woman popularized the superhero landing while dealing death to anything over 6ft and covered in fur and fangs.

Naturally, everyone would want these two bad-assess to meet and we found out in 2016, at that years San Diego ComiCon that a meet up was attempted. Apparently the folks behind Underworld approached Marvel to see if they’d be interested in a crossover. Unfortuntley, the answer was “No’, with Marvel cryptically saying they had something planned for Blade now that they had the rights back. We know now that the “something” was the Ali lead reboot coming in Phase 4 of the MCU.

While we’ll most likely never see this happen it is an interesting question, I mean, how would that even work? If anything was established from the original Blade trilogy it’s that the daywalker walks alone, and does not play well with others. I suppose it would work similar to Blade 2 when he and Whistler (and a young Norman Reedus) were forced to team up with a vampire hit team to take out an even bigger threat. Still, one can dream. I’d see two acts of Blade and Selene fighting each other before finally coming together to take on the big bad in a lead and steel soaked final act. Of course, part of me doesn’t think the themes from the two films would gel as easily as one would think. I guess we can always just hope for an animated feature fleshing out this possibility, right?