The Latest Trailer For ‘Cruella’ Exposes The Iconic Villain’s Motivations

Cruella DeVille, the name alone is the pinnacle of Disney’s ability to create (or steal from existing Fairy Tales) compelling villain’s. She sits near the top of the Disney Rouge’s gallery but we never really got much into what made her who she is, well it appears the upcoming film Cruella, starring Emma Stone as the titular baddie, will get to the bottom of PETA’s public enemy #1.

This latest trailer reveals a story that seems three parts The Devil Wears Prada and one part Catwoman? I have to admit, the anti-hero lean that seems to be established was somewhat unexpected. Emma Thompson’s character, Baroness, features heavily and the impact she has on the budding tyrant’s future is obvious. Did I feel a pull to see this movie when it was announced? Not at all. Are these trailers pulling me in? I’d be lying if I said no.

Check out the full trailer below and look for Cruella in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on May 28th, 2021



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