Liam Neeson’s Confession Backfires In The ‘Honest Thief’ Trailer

Twelve banks in seven states. That’s how many banks Liam Neeson has robbed in the new film Honest Thief. The trailer, which dropped today, features Neeson as a bank robber who has fallen in love and wants to go straight. However, when he comes clean, two crooked FBI agents frame him and take the money for themselves.

The trailer gives us some classic Neeson one-liners, including the Taken-esque line, “My girlfriend had nothing to do with this. Agent Nevins, I’m coming for you.” Nothing would make me happier than some old man action movie Liam Neeson right now.

Joining Neeson onscreen are Hamilton stars Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones, Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad), Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, The Umbrella Academy), Robert Patrick (Perry Mason), and Jeffery Donovan (Burn Notice). The film was written by Steve Allrich and Mark Williams, who also directed. As of now, Honest Thief is set to premiere on October 9th.