London’s Gangsters Are Running Scared In The Trailer For ‘Villain’

Maybe it’s my early love for Guy Ritchie movies, but there’s always been something about British gangsters that draws me in. The style, the slang, the absolute brutality, it all makes for some very interesting watching. If you’re on board with that then I have something that will fit nicely on you most anticipated list right next to the upcoming seriesĀ Gangs of London and that thing isĀ Villain. Following a guy named Eddie who went into jail a bad guy and came out just wanting to be left alone and live his life. From what I can tell here Eddie’s old criminal contacts don’t agree with his newfound stance on criminality which leads to Eddie taking out the trash, as it were. This looks like everything I want in my Brit-Gangster movies, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Villain Hits Digital and On-Demand May 22nd, 2020