Box Office: Maleficent Takes the Crown, but Zombieland Surprises!

1. Maleficent (review)– $36M
It’s a bit unusual to win and lose all at the same time, but that’s exactly what Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent did this weekend. Taking the #1 spot is usually a cause for celebration but although it one the weekend the sequel came in below expectations. Not a huge surprise given what the reviews are saying.
2. Joker – $29.2M/$247.2M
3. Zombieland: Double Tap (review)- $26.5M
Now for the opposite side of our #1 spot, the movie that lost…but won. Zombieland: Double Tap the sequel that, contrary to some critics opinons, people were waiting 10 years for didn’t win the weekend but made far more then expectations assumed they would. Tastes as good as a twinkie if you ask me.
4. The Adams Family– $16M/$56M
5. Gemini Man– $8.5M/$36.5M
6. Abominable– $3.5M/$53.9M
7. Downton Abbey– $3M/$88.6M
8. Judy– $2M/$19M
9. Hustlers– $2M/$101.8M
10. IT: Chapter 2– $1.5M/$209.6M