‘High Life’ Trailer: Robert Pattinson & Juliette Binoche Journey Into Deep Space

While the plot of Claire Denis’ first English-language film High Life may read like just another space exploration disaster movie in the  vein of Alien or Event Horizon, it’s probably not a good idea to assume too much. The director behing White Material, Chocolat, Let the Sunshine In, and so many more has consistently subverted genre and we can probably expect her to do so once again with her first foray into sci-fi.

Robert Pattinson, still doing his best to avoid the spotlight, headlines as one of a number of prisoners sent into deep space on a dangerous mission they are unlikely to return from.  A Denis favorite, Juliette Binoche is on board as an unscrupulous scientist who sees the criminal passengers as her own personal guinea pigs. Mia Goth, Andre Benjamin, and Lars Eidinger co-star.

High Life will hit theaters in 2019.