‘Skyscraper’ Final Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Does His Best Tom Cruise Impression

Dwayne Johnson will put the summer blockbuster season into another headlock next week with Skyscraper, and even though it’s so close Universal feels the need for one more trailer. As if this will be the one that finds the magic formula to box office success. Hello! The only ingredient in this formula is Johnson himself, and if you dig him then chances are you’re buying a ticket.

The film finds Johnson doing his best Tom Cruise impression, scaling a burning skyscraper in Hong Kong to rescue his kidnapped family. And then leaping from it! He has to do it with only one leg, but that’s cool because his prosthetic makes for a pretty good weapon or a lifeline in a pinch.

The duo of Johnson and director Rawson Marshall Thurber had a hit on their hands last time with Central Intelligence, and obviously the idea is they can do it again in a different genre and without Kevin Hart. At a budget of $125M they’ll have a much steeper mountain to climb.

Also starring Neve Campbell, Chan Han, Byron Mann, and Pablo Schreiber, Skyscraper opens July 13th.