Kumail Nanjiani Is Suiting Up For The ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff

If there’s one thing we know about the untitled Men in Black spinoff that Sony has coming up, it ought to be damn funny. Joining Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Liam Neeson is The Big Sick‘s  Kumail Nanjiani and Rafe Spall of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

There still isn’t a lot that we know about the film, but the cast is reaching the point of being so good that it doesn’t matter. It’s expected to take place in London and be more of an ensemble than the previous films, though, which hopefully means Nanjiani will get plenty of screen time with Hemsworth and Thompson. The script is by Iron Man duo of Art Mancum and Matt Holloway with F. Gary Gray directing.

The Men in Black spinoff opens June 14th 2019. [TheWrap/THR]