Rumor: Robert De Niro Sought For Joker Movie With Joaquin Phoenix

With everything going down at DC Films over the last few months, one project that has remained a priority is Todd Phillips’ Joker origin story set in the 1980s. The film looks to have Joaquin Phoenix all sewn up to play the Clown Prince of Crime with Martin Scorsese listed as a producer, making this a project of enormous potential if done right. Now rumors are beginning to emerge about what we can expect, including a possible major casting move teased by That Hashtag Show. Judge accordingly.

The site confirms what we already knew, that this Joker will be set in an alternate Elseworlds-esque universe from the DCEU. What they add is that it could create “an entirely new Joker mythology”, meaning it wouldn’t follow anything from the comic books. I don’t see why that would be a problem since Joker’s origin has been retooled numerous times over the years, just as most DC Comics characters have been.

A character breakdown was also listed, and there isn’t anything truly interesting in it except for the role of Murray Franklin, a 65-75 year old Caucasian male that Robert De Niro may be eyed for. Makes sense considering his long relationship with Scorsese that has produced classic films like Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver, the latter said to be a tonal influence on Phillips’ Joker movie. This is also one of those rumors that sounds too perfect, like it was made up because of how plausible it would seem.

For the full character breakdown just go here.  Production on the Joker film is to begin in September, so expect details soon. As always I say to look forward to Comic-Con for major updates.


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