‘Ideal Home’ Trailer: Paul Rudd & Steve Coogan Try To Be Good Parents

Ideal Home is a film you’ve probably never heard about, and that’s okay because almost nobody has. Weird because it stars Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan, two screen favorites if there ever were. But to say it has been flying under the radar would be an understatement. It’s already had a world premiere at the Mardi Gras Film Festival, which probably none of you attended, and somehow there’s a release date in Australia before there’s one in the U.S. But we do have a trailer, and maybe that will clear things up a little.

Oh. Well here’s one potential stumbling block: Andrew Fleming. He’s the director behind the awful Coogan-led flop Hamlet 2, which has the distinction of being one of the highest-selling box office disasters out of Sundance. And it’s a terrible movie. The trailer for Ideal Home doesn’t look that good, either. It stars Rudd and Coogan as an extravagant celebrity gay couple who have their lives turned inside out by a 10-year-old boy who claims to be Coogan’s grandson. Of course he begins to change their selfish lives for the better.  I’ll just say that laughs seem like they will be very hard to come by, and the gay jokes are like something from ten years ago. Come on, guys, do better. 
So there’s no date here in the U.S. but in Australia Ideal Home opens in June. I suspect we’ll get some kind of VOD release around the same time.