Another Nova Rumor Says The Cosmic Hero Is In Marvel’s Phase 5 Plans

Oh? Nova is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you say? it’s hard to know whether to take this latest rumor seriously or not because one pops up every few months, most recently in May, always with the goalpost moved. Such is the case here.

The rumor comes from the semi-reliable MCU Cosmic, which says that Nova will be part of Marvel’s Phase 5 slate, which they definitively state will include Blade, the X-Men, and Fantastic Four. I mean, maybe? 

It’s all possible but until Kevin Feige says that’s when any of those characters are set to debut, take this with the usual amount of salt. Assuming this rumor is true, I could see him appearing first in a Captain Marvel sequel, maybe teaming up the two cosmic heavy-hitters.  And I don’t leave out the chance Nova gets a series on Disney+, which would be expensive but something Marvel hasn’t tried before.


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