John Travolta Is A Stalker Of Celebrities In Fred Durst’s Thriller, ‘Moose’

You might’ve forgotten that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is also a movie director. It’s okay if you did forget because he’s hasn’t directed anything since 2008’s The Longshots starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer. His only feature before that was the indie drama The Education of Charlie Banks, notable only for starring Jesse Eisenberg. Well Durst is behind the camera again for a film that is apparently based on some creepy stuff that went down back when he was famous. He’s not famous anymore, is he?

John Travolta is starring in Moose, which Durst co-wrote and is directing based on a real-life stalker who terrorized his life back in the day. Travolta plays the titular stalker, who is obsessed with an action star played by Devon Sawa. Eventually his fixation twists into a need to destroy the actor’s life.

Is there anybody who thinks for a second that Travolta wouldn’t whup Devon “Final Destination” Sawa’s butt?

The film is shooting right now, and I imagine it’ll go straight to VOD or something. Neither Travolta or Sawa are big draws and Durst has never made a hit movie.