‘The Week Of’ Trailer: Adam Sandler And Chris Rock Square Off In Netflix’s New Comedy

Stop me if you’ve seen this comedy before. Two young lovers are about to get married, but the fathers of the bride and groom just can’t seem to get along. Aw man, I hope their sparring doesn’t threaten to ruin the nuptials or anything. Not that we expect Netflix’s deal with Adam Sandler to include wholly original works of comedy, but the trailer for The Week Of, which finds him teaming up with his pal Chris Rock, looks especially familiar.

On the plus side, it’s directed by Robert “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” Smigel, while Rock is generally good for a few laughs. There isn’t a ton of dialogue in this trailer, mostly just one extended gag about air conditioning that I really hope doesn’t go on for as long as it appears. And is it too much to ask that their racial differences not be too much of a factor?  Probably, yeah.

Here’s the synopsis: The comedy tells the story of two fathers who are polar opposites (Adam Sandler and Chris Rock) and the dysfunctional hilarity that ensues when their families come together to celebrate the wedding of their children. They are forced to spend the longest week of their lives together and the big day could not come soon enough.

Also starring Rachel Dratch, Steve Buscemi, Allison Strong, and Noah Robbins, The Week Of hits Netflix on April 27th.