Is Uncut Gems The Most Authentic Film Adam Sandler Has Ever Done?

    Adam Sandler has always been a fan favourite when it comes to the Hollywood movie scene. His performance in Uncut Gems, however, helped take his acting ability to the next level. The film also stars veteran actors such as Idina Menzel, along with celebrities such as Kevin Garnett. The one good thing about this film is that you don’t go into it expecting an adrenaline rush, but somehow, it leaves you feeling exhilarated. There aren’t any filler scenes, and each segment moves the plot and the characters forward.

    Watching The Film Through the Eyes of the Main Character

    Sandler’s character is a gambler. He places a six-way parlay bet that ends up paying off. The story does a great job of giving depth to the character, and although a lot of his gambling revolves around sports betting, the character is framed as being a fan of casino games too. Sandler is a gamer himself, so it wasn’t hard for him to really get into character here. With the way his character is portrayed, it’s easy to imagine him hunting down the latest slots promotions in an attempt to get free spins when he’s not working at the jewellery store, which adds to the story. As he gambles in the film, the directors do a great job at making you feel as though you’re on the journey with him, rather than a fly on the wall. It’s not far-fetched to say you feel like you’re seeing the entire story through the eyes of Howard Ratner.

    What helps to make the film so immersive though, and that really gets you into the character’s mindset, is the camera movement. Each shot offers a dynamic look into the character on screen. At times, it’s comical, but if you take note of how the scenes change, it becomes evident that a lot has gone into making this film as authentic as possible.

    Filmed in a New York Store

    Another thing that helps this film stand out is the fact that it has a lot of authenticity in the scenery and setting. The movie was shot in a New York store, with special effort put into making it feel claustrophobic. This helps show what it’s like working as a jewelry store owner and how high-risk the business can be at times. The directors have shown that it is possible to give a genuine insight into different worlds, with a well-structured film that has each scene shot with a purpose.

    A Constantly Evolving Plot with Plenty of Conflict

    If you look at other movies that the Safdie brothers have done in the past, including Good Time, it’s not hard to see similarities. Both have a lot of hectic scene changes and keep you on the edge of your seat, even if there is no tension in the plot itself. With the way the film is shot, there’s a great deal of authenticity – it’s hard to get bored with the constantly evolving structure. The conflict in the plot might be consistent throughout, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t change. As people spiral and descend into chaos, believability and authenticity remain.

    Adam Sandler has shown that he has the potential to deliver when it comes to acting in a more serious role, and – in terms of authenticity – this is by far one of his best performances. He’s able to draw viewers into his world, which helps you relate to the character and what he’s capable of. It’s hard not to be frustrated with his actions, but at the same time you root for him, and that’s what makes Uncut Gems so special.