Dissecting Bridgerton Season 3 With Cortland Jacoby And Abby Morris

After two very long years and months of teases and clips from the Netflix and Shondaland camps, Bridgerton Season 3 was finally released last Thursday. Well, Part 1 was. The first four episodes of the romance giant’s third installment were met with great fanfare and many an internet meme, becoming the number-one show streaming worldwide.

The first half of this season focuses on Colin Bridgerton trying to make amends for his rude words to neighbor Penelope Featherington at the end of last season. For those who have been living under a rock, Bridgerton follows the love lives of eight noble siblings in Regency England, with each new installment centering on a new couple. The first two seasons were such a hit that last year Shondaland and Netflix released Queen Charlotte, based on the gossip-obsessed and socially ruthless leader of the British Ton. It gave backstories to many of the matriarchal characters we know and love in Bridgerton. Last year, I had podcaster Abby Morris on to talk about how that side series played into the main one.

To celebrate Part 1 of Season 3, the host of the More Than Tracy Turnblad podcast returned to our show to discuss the impact of various storylines and character choices. There was a lot to cover in this episode of PDC and Abby and I couldn’t get to all of it in an hour. However, be sure to listen to the More Than Tracy Turnblad podcast when Part 2 is released June 13 as I will be making an appearance on that show and tune back here as I will be talking to another friend of the pod for our own Part 2 recap episode. Happy listening Gentle Readers!

Cortland Jacoby
A D.C area native, Cortland has been interested in media since birth. Taking film classes in high school and watching the classics with family instilled a love of film in Cortland’s formative years. Before graduating with a degree in English and minoring in Film Study from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, Cortland ran the college’s radio station, where she frequently reviewed films on air. She then wrote for another D.C area publication before landing at Punch Drunk Critics. Aside from writing and interviewing, she enjoys podcasts, knitting, and talking about representation in media.