Sabrina Carpenter Teaches The Outcasts To ‘Work It’ In Netflix Dance Flick Produced By Alicia Keys

Like SO many others before her Sabrina Carpenter is set on teaching the school outcasts how to get down in the new dance-off flick Work It from Netflix. Say what you will but Netflix has quickly filled that giant theatrical hole of mid-budget films that used to fill our calendars. Action movies, teen drama’s and rom-com’s, Netflix has them all on lock. The thing I love the most about this? They don’t feel the need to strive from the formula, sure the execution is different but it feels like what we are getting is more pure. Take Work It for example, read this official synopsis:

When Quinn Ackerman’s admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition, she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in school…now she just needs to learn how to dance. Starring Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, Drew Ray Tanner, with Michelle Buteau and Jordan Fisher.

That movie has been made 20 times since the 80’s and that’s not counting sequels…BUT, like I said it’s all in the execution and that’s where these films have excelled. They’re not re-inventing the wheel so they have the time to make what they are delivering fun, and though I’m not the target demo for this film I have to admit….it looks like fun!

Check out the trailer below and look for Work It on Netflix August 7th, 2020


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