‘Late Bloomers’ Trailer: Karen Gillan And Margaret Sophie Stein Become Unlikely Friends In New Coming-Of-Age Dramedy

Fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan goes on a very different kind of journey in Late Bloomers. The coming-of-age dramedy from director Lisa Steen pairs Gillan with Polish actress Margaret Sophie Stein in the story of the unusual, and unexpected, bond between a struggling 28-year-old Brooklynite and a much-older woman.

As seen in the new Late Bloomers trailer, Gillan plays Louise, who is newly-single, depressed, and struggling to find her voice as a musician in the big city. When a screw-up leads to an injury and the need for physical therapy, she finds herself in a therapy ward where she’s easily the youngest person there. But it’s also where she meets and makes quick enemies with Antonina (Stein), who is a bit of a bad girl herself. When Louise extends a bit of kindness to Antonina, it leads to a job taking care of the older woman, and an unexpected friendship.

Penned by Anna Greenfield, the film also stars Jermaine Fowler who seems to be in everything lately.

Debuting at last year’s SXSW, the film took a long time to gain distribution. But Vertical came to its rescue and will release Late Bloomers in select theaters and VOD on June 7th. Looks good to me, and Gillan is always worth watching.

SYNOPSIS: Louise (Karen Gillan), a 28-year-old Brooklynite adrift in life, finds herself suddenly single and grappling with her identity as a musician. While she struggles with her underlying depression, a reckless drunken stumble lands her with a broken hip, and leads to a stint in a physical therapy ward with patients twice her age. Here, she crosses paths with Antonina (Margaret Sophie Stein), a cantankerous elderly Polish woman who speaks no English. Reluctantly, Louise takes on the role of Antonina’s caregiver, a situation neither of them welcomes. As they navigate their begrudging relationship, they confront the realities of aging, forcing Louise to consider her own journey into adulthood.

Travis Hopson
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