‘The Flash’ Was Never In Danger Of Getting Axed Due To Ezra Miller Situation, Filmmakers Claim

With the release of The Flash coming up in a couple of weeks, obviously, the erratic behavior and allegations of abuse by star Ezra Miller hasn’t deterred Warner Bros. But for much of the last year, fans have wondered if the long-awaited superhero film might get canceled. However, according to director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti, that threat was never actually on the table.

Speaking with EW, the Muschietti siblings were asked if The Flash was ever in any danger due to the Miller situation.

Barbara replied “Not at all. No. That was never real.”

Andy added, “We have a lot of empathy in general for people who need help, and especially in mental health issues. That’s why they are taking the necessary steps to deal with their recovery, and we support them in that.”

To be fair, WB had put A LOT of time and money into The Flash by this point. Its long history of production woes is well-documented. So it makes sense that they’d want to give it every opportunity to be completed. That said, it’s also unlikely that terminating the project wasn’t at least discussed by high-level execs, especially when it seemed like bad news about Miller was dropping on a daily basis.

The Muschiettis add that they continue to be in touch with Miller as they seek treatment for “complex mental health issues”, as they’ve been doing since last summer. Miller hasn’t really been seen on the publicity tour, which is probably for the best. If they are getting the help they need, that’s all that really matters. Staying out of the spotlight is probably for the best.

As for the future of The Flash, Muschietti has already said that Miller will be back if there’s a sequel. Reviews of the film have been absolutely through the roof, and if that translates to big box office, expect to see Miller racing to be part of James Gunn’s DCU.

The Flash opens in theaters on June 16th.

Travis Hopson
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