Tommy Wiseau’s “Epic” Sophomore Feature ‘Big Shark’ Has a Trailer

Ok, so either Tommy Wiseau is REALLY in on the joke, or he missed it completely. Now that I think of it…that’s kind of always been his thing. Right from the start of the trailer for the aptly named Big Shark, the second feature from Wiseau and his follow up to the infamous The Room, it becomes clear that either Wiseau is the king of parody or has, somehow, bought his own sarcastic hype. Big, poorly designed, letters fill the screening informing you that this “EPIC” film is brought to you by “Visionary Director Tommy Wiseau”…bruh, I really hope you are dripping sarcasm here.

The film itself seems to follow a group of firefighters (though you can’t tell that from the trailer…that was pulled from the synopsis) defending New Orleans from a shark attack. The shark in question is, apparently, not limited to deep (or even shallow) water, chasing people through the street on an Aquaman like water plume. If you were worried that Wiseau’s “charm” (yes, I’m aware of how many quotation marks I’m using and I stand by that decision) has been lost in the intervening years, not to worry Tommy is still Tommy. Look no further then the awkward dialogue between the world’s most unlikely boxers for all of the evidence you need.