Box Office: ‘I Still Believe’ Tops ‘Bloodshot’ And ‘The Hunt’ As Coronavirus Fears Take Hold

The Numbers Hit A Two-Decade Low

  1. Onward– $12.5M/$62.2M

With the Coronavirus forcing major theater chains to either shut down outright or limit capacity, this weekend’s box office looks to be a two-decade low. Effected most were the holdovers, including Pixar’s Onward, which opened soft last weekend and tumbled 68% this week for just $12.5M. That drop is a record for the studio, and with everything going on we are probably looking at the lowest-grossing Pixar movie yet.

2. I Still Believe (review)- $10.9M

Surprisingly, the top new film of the week was I Still Believe, the biopic on Christian rocker Jeremy Camp (Riverdale‘s KJ Apa) and his relationship with his terminally-ill first wife (Britt Robertson. We’ve seen a number of faith-based dramas perform well opposite major blockbuster releases, and this one has even been playing in some IMAX theaters since Wednesday. Perhaps with everything going on in the world, the few audiences that ventured out wanted something wholesome and uplifting, rather than the violence and cynicism of Bloodshot and The Hunt.

3. Bloodshot (review)- $9.3M

As I said in my review of Sony’s Bloodshot, it’s likely to come, go, and be praised only by Vin Diesel’s hardcore audience. The superhero film, based on Valiant comic, was projected to earn about $10M so its $9.3M debut isn’t too steep of a disappointment. That said, Sony will be hard-pressed to turn this into the cinematic universe they’d been staging for years. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal if the overseas markets had held, but virtually all of them are on lockdown. Much like the Resident Evil and Underworld films, Bloodshot was going to lean very hard on the international haul and that’s just gone.

4. The Invisible Man– $6.2M/$64.6M

The 59% drop for The Invisible Man is the best hold of the week, which goes to show hard the box office was hit.

5. The Hunt (review)- $5.7M

The red-hot debate over The Hunt ends with a whimper. After the controversial film became part of a political firestorm when its “liberals hunt deplorables for sport) premise was revealed, it brought in a pathetic $5.7M. I’m sure there will be some who will cheer this on as an owning of the libs, but those people are stupid and clearly didn’t see the movie. The problem is nobody else did, either. I guess that’s one thing liberals and conservatives could agree on is that neither wanted to leave the house for The Hunt.

6. Sonic the Hedgehog– $2.7M/$145.9M

7. The Way Back– $2.5M/$13.6M

8. The Call of the Wild– $2.4M/$62.2M

9. EMMA.– $1.3M/$10M

10. Bad Boys for Life– $1.1M/$204.3M

Travis Hopson has been reviewing movies before he even knew there was such a thing. Having grown up on a combination of bad '80s movies, pro wrestling, comic books, and hip-hop, Travis is uniquely positioned to geek out on just about everything under the sun. A vampire who walks during the day and refuses to sleep, Travis is the co-creator and lead writer for Punch Drunk Critics. He is also a contributor to Good Morning Washington, WBAL Morning News, and WETA Around Town. In the five minutes a day he's not working, Travis is also a voice actor, podcaster, and Twitch gamer. Travis is a voting member of the Critics Choice Association (CCA), Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA), and Late Night programmer for the Lakefront Film Festival.


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