The Second Official Trailer for ‘Till’ Promises the Proper Treatment of a Story That Needed To Be Told

I knew that Till, the upcoming movie following the events surrounding Emmett Till’s murder and the immensity of his mother’s strength though it, was going to be a hard watch. After watching this second trailer I now know it’s going to be harder to watch then I could have imagined AND that it’s a film that NEEDS to be watched. So many of us are insulated from the hate this country has, and still does, wrought that sometimes you need a real kick in the teeth to get the point across. Till seems to be that movie.

The trailer does an amazing job of encapsulating the story, from the bright, happy and fun young man Emmet was to his murder and how his mother chose to use the horror of what happened to her son to shine a spotlight on the atrocious things that black people were enduring at the time. While it’s only a trailer, I can tell you one thing for sure Daneille Deadwyler’s performance as Mamie Till-Mobley will undoubtedly be one that is talked about come Oscar season. The power and perseverance she exudes while still feeling believable and every day is without equal. As a father I can tell you I don’t have half the spine this woman had and would have simply collapsed into a pile on the floor for the remainder of my days.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to see Till in theaters on October 28th.