James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ Film Adds ‘The Hunger Games’ Writer Billy Ray

Every new attempt to reboot Terminator comes with big ambitions, and James Cameron’s return to the franchise he built is no different. New trilogy, a writers assembled to plan spinoffs and sequels, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton back to star, and Deadpool director Tim Miller behind the camera. The only thing missing is someone to put it all down on paper, and that’s where screenwriter Billy Ray comes in.

Ray, who wrote Shattered Glass, The Hunger Games, Captain Phillips, and more (he also directed Breach which is great) will pen the latest Terminator movie. We still don’t know where this latest chapter in the saga will go, but we do know it won’t be restrained by prior events in the timeline. And while a lot of people have been excited by that prospect, I would like to point out that Terminator Genisys had the same philosophy. Then again, that film didn’t have Ray doing the script or Cameron’s guiding influence.

The new Terminator opens July 26th 2019. [TheWrap]