Diego Luna Says ‘Andor’ Is Final Time He’ll Take On The Role

The first three episodes of Andor are available right now on Disney+. I reviewed the first four of them and found the series to be compelling, but also figured it would be divisive because it’s slowly-paced and telling a long overall arc. We know that arc will last for two seasons and 24 total episodes, taking us right up to Cassian Andor’s final mission in Rogue One.

Because we know what the character’s fate will be, it’s no shock that star Diego Luna says Andor will be the last time he takes on this role. He revealed this on EW’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, adding…

For me, this is it. It’s a beautiful journey now that I have 24 episodes, 24 shorter films, to tell the story of where Cassian comes from and how he got to be the man we met in “Rogue One.””

Luna continued, saying that even if Lucasfilm came calling to do another Andor series he would have to turn it down…

No, impossible. It would have to be someone else, man. I’m not getting any younger, so it definitely would have to be someone else. I would be lying if I tell you that I never thought of it,” Luna continued. “Obviously I did think of it, and we made so many jokes on set on what the possibilities were of coming back. And obviously one was going on a prequel, but I never thought of it as a real chance.”

Luna’s referring to a time while shooting Rogue One when he considered doing an Andor-focused sequel that obviously became an impossibility.

I wouldn’t put it past Lucasfilm bringing the character back if they ever do an animated series set during this pre-Death Star period. Makes me wonder of Luna would return for something like that?

Luna finished by saying that knowing Andor’s story is finite aided in his performance…

“It does have a beginning and an end. Therefore, I can understand it and I can enjoy the ride and kind of picture the aim we have. I think that’s needed, otherwise you’re always working to get somewhere else. I don’t think that way. All those people and coaches that tell people, ‘Oh, picture yourself in 10 years, where you want to be. Project that and work for that.’ That’s nonsense. Worry about what you’re doing today. Do it the best way you can. Enjoy the ride. Make sure you give the most, and you give everything you have. And something cool will happen if you do that. And, if not, the journey was worth it. So it’s about now, the moment.”

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