‘The Son’ Trailer: Hugh Jackman And Laura Dern Struggle With Coparenting In New Drama

Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern are having family troubles in the new drama The Son. Sony Picture Classics released the trailer this afternoon.

Playing an estranged former couple, Dern is seen dropping off their son Nicholas (Zen McGrath) to Jackman after an unsaid incident. This arrival causes issues in Jackman’s new relationship with Vanessa Kirby’s character and his desire to create a new family.

Anthony Hopkins is also in the film, which was directed by Florian Zeller. This is their second time working together, the first being The Father for which Hopkins won the Best Actor Oscar in 2021.

The trailer was tweeted today by Jackman. At only 53 seconds long, we can expect a longer trailer after its premiere at the Venice film festival September 7. A limited theatrical release is due on November 11.