‘The Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Accused Of Running A Cult As New Allegations Surface

Last night, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav confirmed safety for The Flash as a major summer blockbuster, despite the recent cancellation of Batgirl. It wasn’t a lock that he would say that. The film’s star, Ezra Miller is under fire for repeated allegations of violent abuse, numerous arrests, and just overall weird behavior. They didn’t even have the guts to show footage from the film at Comic-Con, so why continue to put faith in it? And what happens if Miller continues to make news for all of the wrong reasons?

Well, we might be about to find out, because Business Insider spoke with numerous sources, including Miller’s longtime collaborator Oliver Ignatius. There’s some more crazy shit in here about Miller, including that he appeared to be running a cult at one point, out of an Airbnb in Iceland. The fuck?

“Nobody ever was kind of allowed to disagree with them,” one young woman said. “Their reality painted everybody else’s reality. There was no room for anybody else’s opinion or feelings.”

This was around the same time Miller was caught on tape choking a woman at a bar…in Iceland.

Ignatius says he saw Miller “sloppily” kissing minor Tokata Iron Eyes, although the young woman, who has been at the center of a lot of this controversy, denies it and any allegations of abuse.

There are reports of Miller driving around the country sporting a bullet proof vest and paranoid about being followed by the FBI an the KKK, which is why he’s also been carrying a gun around. Back in January, Miller posted a cryptic video warning that he was coming after KKK members in North Carolina.

Other allegations include an ominous one about them seeking to “isolate” from their loved ones  “impressionable young women and nonbinary people”, who would then be easy for Miller to control. Some claim that Miller has lost touch with reality.

This is just a small taste of the article, too, so if you want to check out more I suggesting reading the whole thing. Some rumors say Warner Bros. will cease any future plans involving Miller, and that’s probably true. But they have to get through The Flash first, and if it’s truly a means of resetting the DCEU, perhaps Miller’s version of Barry Allen will also blink out of existence.

The Flash is currently set to open on June 23rd 2023.

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