Pop! Obsession: ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Funko POPs Reveal Korg, Mighty Thor, Miek, And Thor’s Goat Boat!

    Hyped up over the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer? I don’t blame you. And if you’re a recovering Funko addict like me who keeps getting dragged into the habit, then this is quite a day. A ton of Funko POPs have dropped for the upcoming Marvel film, and there’s some really cool stuff here that’s pretty much a must-own.

    Of course, there’s Thor himself who is back in shape and looking like an Asgardian prince again. There’s his buddy Korg, who it looks like Thor will be hanging out with quite a lot. Miek is sporting a new body, as well, and it’s….uh, different. The story behind that is going to be amazing. We also get a really cool Funko of Christian Bale’s villain Gorr the God Butcher, and Valkyrie in her warrior form and not the bored politician she appeared to be in the teaser.

    One that I’ve already put on preorder is a deluxe Funko featuring Thor in his goat boat pulled by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Awesome!

    And finally, the one I think people are going to be scrambling for, and that’s Mighty Thor, with Natalie Portman wielding the hammer for the first time. There is already a Mighty Thor Funko POP, I know because I have it, but this one is pretty sweet, too.

    A handful of store exclusives are available, too, including Mighty Thor without her helmet and showing off her new blonde locks.

    These are common Funko POPs and available anywhere, although we suggest preordering from our friends at Entertainment Earth. They have the best deals anywhere when it comes toys, games, movie merch, and of course, Funkos! We earn a small commission from sales generated through our affiliate links, and they are a great helps to us. We are a small company and we appreciate you supporting our sponsors!

    Thor: Love and Thunder Thor, Toothgnasher, and Toothgrinder Goat Boat Super Deluxe Pop! Ride

    Thor: Love and Thunder Thor Pop! Vinyl Figure

    Thor: Love and Thunder Korg Pop! Vinyl Figure

    Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie Pop! Vinyl Figure

    Thor: Love and Thunder Miek Pop! Vinyl Figure

    Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr Pop! Vinyl Figure

    Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty Thor Pop! Vinyl Figure


    Travis Hopson
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