Can’t Wait For ‘The Boys’ Season 3? Amazon Has You Covered With The ‘Seven on 7 on VNN’ Digital Series

One of the things that makes Amazon’s adaptation of the widely popular comic series The Boys so popular is the effectiveness of their efforts to show parallels to our world. A scary thought considering the content of the show. Now, we may not have homicidal superhero’s, but we DEFINITELY have crooked politicians and propaganda pushing “news” programs.

As you can probably imagine Vought International, the company that controls “The Seven” and has commercialized super heroism nation-wide, isn’t about to let news of their company and associated superhero’s out into the world without a flattering spin. That is the concept behind Seven on 7 on VNN.

Vought’s very own news program complete with programmed talking head, Cameron Coleman. Amazon will be releasing new installments of the gap-bridging digital series on the 7th of each month until the season 3 premier (which we don’t have a date for yet).

The first installment dropped yesterday, and I’m happy to report it’s a bit more then just fluff intended to keep us interested. It looks like there are bits of story in there that will end up being relevant to next season. For instance, big time politicians are taking a more active role and it appears ‘lil Hughie got a bit of a promotion. In a quick statement at around 3:43 it’s announced that Hughie has been hired as a senior analyst by Victoria Newman, a congresswoman overseeing superhuman affairs.

Ground breaking? No, a fun way to remember that we have a whole new season of this awesome show happening soon? Absolutely.

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