‘Spring Blossom’ Interview: Suzanne Lindon Is Living Her Own Coming Of Age Story

Not many 20 years olds know what the Cannes Film Festival is, let alone premiere their first film there. Suzanne Lindon is different. 

The French writer, director, actor of Spring Blossom had a very distinct vision for her romantic coming of age film from the age of 15 when she started writing it after her first year of high school. Taking the sage advice to write what she knew, Lindon crafted a story around a fictional “Suzanne,” one who, like her, loves Grenadine and lemonades, dancing with her friends and family, and being a bit different from her peers. Unlike her character who goes after a relationship with an older man, Lindon channeled that uniqueness into her first feature.

Of course, unlike most teenagers, Lindon kept working on the project, making the choice to self-direct her first feature after she finished her high school finals at the age of 19. The result of her persistence is a film full of youthful exuberance mixed with a clear and precise voice. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lindon remotely where we discussed her 2020 Cannes experience, the film’s eclectic soundtrack, and what she hopes to accomplish in the next five years.

Watch our interview below. Spring Blossom is available in select theaters now.

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