Stephen Chow Is Still Trying To Convince Us Of A ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ Sequel

I’m glad so many people are happy that Stephen Chow mentioned plans for a sequel to his awesome 2004 martial arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle, but excuse me if I don’t buy it. Chow made the comments to MAActionCinema while chatting up his most recent film, The New King of Comedy.

Chow suggested that Kung Fu Hustle 2 would be his next project after completing a sequel to The Mermaid, his 2016 smash hit that is currently the 4th highest-grossing movie in China’s history. But let’s keep in mind that Chow has been talking about a followup to Kung Fu Hustle since 2005, and has repeatedly set it aside to pursue other things. Even his comments about it not being a direct sequel and featuring all-new characters are nothing new.

If you’ve never seen Kung Fu Hustle it’s an amazing mix of wuxia martial arts, Bruce Lee movies, comedy, and anime-style theatrics. Chow wrote, starred, directed, and did the fight choreography, showing off his multiple skills as a filmmaker. He’s dabbles with making movies in Hollywood, but has basically quit on the idea since being replaced on The Green Hornet by Michel Gondry.

Anyway, I’ll believe this shit when I see it, and if I’m wrong will gladly come on here and say so. For now, relive one of the best fights in Kung Fu Hustle, just to get a taste of how great it is. Time for a rewatch, I think.