‘WandaVision’: Elizabeth Olsen Teases A Luke Skywalker Moment In Series’ Remaining Episodes

As if WandaVision wasn’t already full of surprises, apparently we haven’t seen anything yet. While the central mystery over how Wanda and Vision are in a strange sitcom reality continues to brew, there’s also going to be a mind-blowing cameo from someone, on the level of Luke Skywalker’s appearance in The Mandalorian.

Elizabeth Olsen broke that news in a conversation with TVLine, answering “Yes” when asked if WandaVision would have its Skywalker moment. She added, “I’m really excited” for fans to see what’s coming.

WandaVision writer Jac Schaeffer wouldn’t indulge in any answers, either, saying “there are so many surprises left in store” in the remaining episodes, and for “fans to settle in, because there’s more coming.”

The question is, WHO? The best guess is also the most obvious: Wanda’s brother Pietro “Quicksilver” Maximoff. I continue to believe we’ll see Aaron Taylor-Johnson return to the role because Pietro is so crucially important in Wanda’s life, and if she’s going to create an idyllic reality he would be there. That said, I can’t shake the idea of Evan Peters, who played the character over in the Fox X-Men movies, somehow being transported into the MCU.

I wouldn’t count on a Magneto appearance. Too many complications there, and when he arrives it should be on the big screen.


Travis Hopson
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