Netflix To Bring ‘Skull Island’ and ‘Tomb Raider’ To Viewers In Anime Form

I’ve talked at length about Netflix filling the gaps when it comes to popular and beloved film genres, they are doing amazing things in truly globalizing entertainment. Just look at Lupin the most recent sensation is a French series, it used to be that the US led the game in entertainment exports and while that’s still true the margin is getting more and more narrow. Another arena they’ve been doing great things in is the world of Anime, Castlevania is probably my favorite of their recent efforts, but I have been digging the more recent Blood of Zeus.

Well, that may change as it was announced that Netflix has teamed with Legendary pictures to bring us not one, but two amazing properties that will be adapted to anime form. Skull Island and Tomb Raider are both in development at Netflix, while Skull Island is being listed as officially part of the ‘Monsterverse’ Tomb Raider will not be connected to the film sequel being directed by Misha Green that we recently wrote about. As I mentioned before, I’ve never been an anime guy, something about the animation style didn’t sit right with me but I’d be lying to say I’m not intrigued by the moves being made by Netflix.

In addition to the above mentioned titles, word on the street is that Netflix also has titles related to Pacific RimCyberpunk 2077, and Transformers on the way. I’m sure this won’t happen being that the IP origin studios conflict but how awesome would it be to see a shared universe throughout alot of these? Kong helping out against the Kaiju from Pacific Rim, only to get a last second assist from the freaking Transformers? I mean, c’mon, who’s NOT watching that??