‘Ema’ Trailer: Dance Drama Reunites Gael Garcia Bernal And ‘Neruda’ Director Pablo Larrain

When something works, you simply don’t mess with it. Such is the case with Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain and his frequent collaborations with Gael Garcia Bernal. They’ve worked together previously on biopics No and Neruda, and were showered with accolades in the process. Now they’re reunited for Ema, a dance drama that will be making its debut in Venice.

Bernal stars alongside Mariana di Girolamo, the latter playing Ema, a woman who flees her choreographer husband and the adopted son they failed to raise. The guilt she feels sends her on a quest for something more.

The trailer is full of rhythm, music, and dance, and is unlike anything we’ve seen from Larrain, which is tremendously exciting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chile present this as their choice to compete for Best International Feature at the Oscars.

Ema will make its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and I assume it will hit more festivals on the way to opening before the year is up. Hey Middleburg, I hope this is part of your lineup!