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New “Knightmare” Batman Poster As ‘Batman v Superman’ Ultimate Edition Hits HBO Max

Despite all of the fighting we’ve seen recently over things that might’ve happened on the Justice League set, there’s an upshot to the upcoming release of the Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder does appear to be back in Warner Bros.’ good graces. How do we know? Because not only have they just launched the Ultimate Cut of Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on HBO Max, but the director is out there hyping it up with a brand new poster.

The Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman is roughly 30-minutes longer than the theatrical cut, and I would say it’s definitely better. It doesn’t fix all of that movie’s problems, so if you hate it already…well, you’ll probably still hate it after. That said, one of the movie’s coolest scenes is depicted in this new poster, and that’s the “Knightmare” sequence featuring Ben Affleck’s Batman.

It’s meaningful that this scene is featured, because the Snyder Cut of Justice League is meant to expand on it a great deal. It was always really cool, but damn confusing, as well.

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