Marvel’s ‘What If?’ Could Be Part Of The MCU “Tapestry”, Where Captain Carter Could Debut

Because Marvel doesn’t do anything without some connection to the MCU, or at least it seems that way, rumors surrounding the animated series What If? have been flying like crazy. The central question is whether or not the hybrid characters who are part of the multiverse-spanning series could possibly end up in live-action, whether on the big screen or on Disney+. Not only do we have a reply to this question from those directly involved, but a new rumor that points to where one will turn up.

During the What If? press conference, the question was posed outright, eliciting an “Interesting” response from Andrews. Ummm…okay.

More than likely, the character you’ve seen most prominently is Captain Carter, who stars in the first episode that imagines if Peggy Carter had received the Super-Soldier serum and not Steve Rogers. What we’ve since learned is that Carter will not only be there for one episode, but be the central focus of the entire season…

“We realized, early on in development, as we were starting to get [head writer A.C. Bradley’s] scripts, and starting to look at the arc of the series, that there was gonna be a character that bubbled up and became more important,” executive producer Brad Winderbaum said. “Not more important than the rest, but had a strong relationship with The Watcher, who is our-who is really our driving force behind the series. And that’s Captain Carter. And w-we realized, as we started developing the second season, that Captain Carter was gonna be the character we would revisit.”

Because fanboy interviewers are persistent, the question was posed again in a different way, and this time Winderbaum gave up a bit more…

“Yeah, I mean, without going into great detail, I can tell you that ‘What If?,’ as a project, as a story that exists in the MCU is as important as any other,” Winderbaum said. “It’s into that same tapestry, so those fun threads are gonna be… there’s a lot of potential there.”

With that groundwork laid down, a new rumor from Daniel Richtman (judge accordingly) says Captain Carter and several others could show up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

To be fair, this is an easy story to put out there with no support, because Sam Raimi’s film is going to deal with…wait for it…”the Multiverse of Madness.”  Clearly just about any damn thing can happen so if the What If story converges with it, as we expect WandaVision and perhaps Spider-Man: No Way Home to, then it wouldn’t be a shock.

Honestly, anything that gets Hayley Atwell active in the MCU again is okay by me. I’m still pissed Agent Carter has been scrubbed from canon and the character killed off. Fix that shit, Marvel!

What If? hits Disney+ on August 11th.

Travis Hopson
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