Rian Johnson Is Reportedly Developing A ‘Knives Out’ Sequel, May Shoot This Year

Over the weekend Rian Johnson’s Knives Out inched closer to the $250M mark at the box office, making this easily the biggest non-Star Wars film of his career. While the star-studded murder mystery doesn’t necessarily demand a sequel, fans certainly are demanding more of Daniel Craig’s peculiar detective, Benoit Blanc, and it looks like they are going to get it.

According to THR, Johnson says he’s already developing a Knives Out sequel, with Craig returning as Benoit Blanc. This is something Johnson has been mulling for a couple of months. Details aren’t available, of course, but the hope is to have it ready to shoot this year, meaning we could see it in 2021. While it isn’t stated, I think we can safely assume another starry cast of suspects, and of course a role for Noah Segan who has been in every one of Johnson’s movies since Brick.  Everything depends on Lionsgate green-lighting the project after Johnson works out a script.

Assuming all of this goes according to plan, what does this mean for Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars trilogy? There’s no way he could do both, at least not in a timely fashion, so maybe this means Johnson’s had second thoughts? Given the reaction he continues to get following The Last Jedi, and the success he’s had on his own, would anybody blame him for dropping out?


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