Elijah Wood Digs Deeper Into His Creepy Side In The Trailer For ‘Come To Daddy’

Weird wouldn’t be the word I’d use to describe this trailer….really f’in weird would be a more apt description. Remember when Elijah Wood was just like a overgrown cute 6 year old? Hell even his hobbit days fit him well, in the last 10 Wood has fully embraced the creepiness in his normalcy with films like Maniac. Well in Come To Daddy the creepiness is genetic apparently. The story of a boy reconnecting with his father that doesn’t seem to end in a game of catch out front is sure to be quite a bit off center, that being said Wood has shown a surprising knack for success at the horror genre. I wish I could say there was enough in the trailer below to make a call on this one but all we can be sure of is that we will feel dirty when leaving the theater. Check it out and let us know what you think!