The Meta Gets as Deep as the Patriarchal Drama in the Seocnd Trailer for ‘Honey Boy’ from Amazon Studios

Shia LeBeouf is about to prove he’s more then just a crazy Hollywood type with a movie that’s not only going to give a deeper look into the life of a child actor but also shed a spotlight on the inner torment and emotional trauma the actor himself had to contend with in his journey to today. While Honey Boy isn’t technically an autobiographical tale of the (still) young actors life it’s not hard to look between the lines and see how much of this comes from a very real place…right down to the opening shot of the trailer which is an obvious take on LeBeouf’s time on a Transformers set. This new trailer really hammers home the “parental” angle of the film, and I use those quotation marks for a very real reason. I’m dying to see how that relationship plays out as it looks like they’re going to show a situation where a father is trying to do right by his son but just doesn’t have the tools to do so, like most villains a bad parent doesn’t always know they’re a bad parent and genuinly thinks, at least some of the time, that they’re doing the right thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been really looking forward to a Shia LeBeouf movie, that is of course, until now.