Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, And More May Help Shape The Future Of ‘Star Wars’

Okay, so maybe the future of Star Wars only appears to be in flux to us on the outside, because it seems Lucasfilm is at least trying to get their shit together. While we don’t know who will be directing the first post-Rise of Skywalker film in 2022, an announcement is expected soon. But what could be a bigger issue is the future of Lucasfilm’s longtime president, Kathleen Kennedy.

THR reports that Kennedy’s Lucasfilm contract expires in 2021, and some consideration is being made that she may leave for new challenges. Kennedy has been spearheading the creative direction of Star Wars since Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney in 2012. If she were to leave, a brain trust of familiar names could be in line to step and take control of the franchise’s future.
Part of that creative coalition would likely be The Mandalorian creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Both are fan favorites who have to be considered possibilities to direct the next Star Wars film, and have proven reliable to Disney repeatedly over the years. Kennedy also hopes to have The Rise of Skywalker producer and Senior VP Michelle Rejwan as part of the team. 
Not on the team yet is Marvel Studios head and Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige. While the Star Wars film he’s producing is still in the distance, he’s considered way too busy with Marvel projects to fully commit to Lucasfilm right now, although that is clearly the hope Disney has for him down the line.
Whether Kennedy re-ups or not, Star Wars will be looking very different going forward, and I think it’s a change that is sorely needed.