Check Out the Second Red-Band Trailer for ‘Good Boys’

Who doesn’t love a good coming of age tale? I felt the old man in me start coming out while watching this new red-band trailer…what happened to the days of PG pre-teen shenanigans like Stand By Me (wait, that whole movie was about seeing a dead body wasn’t it….). I have to imagine there will be other people with this sentiment as the date for the Good Boys release draws closer but I have to hop those folks will come to the same quick realization as I did, this movie isn’t being dirty to be dirty, it’s that those other movies were candy-coated. Sorry parents, odds are your little angel Jimmy Dugan Jr. is probably having some of these exact conversations with his buddies. Honestly, without the involvement of Seth Rogen I wouldn’t give this movie a second chance as the trailer really shows a movie that could be surprisingly real and refreshingly hilarious or a one-trick pony, knowing Rogen’s involvement is a guarantee of some level of quality is probably the reason the trailer starts with a bumper featuring Rogen. Will it be a classic like the taglines say? Time will tell but it’s got potential. Check out the trailer below and look for Good Boys in theaters August 16th


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